A five-day musical odyssey in Vienna

🎼 Welcome to the Summer Masterclass at the Vienna Beethoven Conservatory, from 15 to 19 August. An enriching 5-day musical journey awaits you in Vienna:

🎹 Enjoy three personalised 1-to-1 lessons with our esteemed professors Nathalie Matthys and Li Jia.

🎶 Attend an opening concert by Matthys and Jia on 17 August in the Ehrbar Saal.

📣 Listen to our CEO, Siranush Galoyan, introduce the conservatory and take part in a student concert.

🎵 Gain insights into pianist Andrea Cantù's lecture on the development of the piano and enjoy a unique performance.

🏆 Receive a certificate from the Vienna Beethoven Conservatory in the Ehrbar Hall.

🌍 Discover Vienna with guided tours on 16 and 19 August.

Don't miss this opportunity!

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